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Zhejiang Wuyi Hengxing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is professionally engaged in the development, manufacture and sales of hollow blow molding products, which was established in 2000. Our company owns complete equipments of ten 80-120 fully automatic servomotors, blow molding machines and several sets of injection molding machines, all the machines adopt advanced original 100 thickness controller with characteristics of high control precision and even wall thickness, which can processing and production of various kinds of blow molding products and replace the opening mould. The mainly products are children beds, children play facilities, chemical barrel pots, tool boxes, automobile accessories, etc., and the series products of hollow blow molding children beds and electric tools blow molding boxes are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Hong Kong, Southeastern Asia, etc.
Our company, with its strong technical force, advanced technology, full range of product specifications, attractive appearance and novel style, receives good comments of users from home and abroad. Concentration makes profession. Adhering to the management philosophy of “customers foremost, quality first”, constantly strengthen the inner management and expand the enterprise production scale, the company meets the masses of customers’ needs with more products and better quality. Welcome vast of guests and customers to negotiate, purchase and processing by supplied samples.

86-579-87681138 / 87681239
Baihuashan Industrial Area, Economic Development Zone, Wuyi County, Zhejiang
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